4140 ATLAS

LED wall brackets


L 139 x sp 203 x h 166 mm

Lighting source
LED Cob 28 W - 3540 lumen - WW 2850-3200 K
LED Cob 28 W - 3650 lumen - NW 3800-4200 K



01 — opaque white
02 — anodized aluminum
10 — chrome

Collection of architectural lamps, for interior, public spaces, shops and offices .Structures in aluminum and steel with finish in anodized aluminum and satin chrome and opaque white. The tilting and orientable spotlights at 340° and 90° + 90° on two axes, allow the task lighting anywhere on the house or commercial spaces. All appliances mounted lenses in PMMA Revo -01 with very high optical quality, were developed in collaboration with the Japanese multinational Acom. These lenses have optical properties with mechanical properties of high stability in time and are not sensitive to UV rays. The lamps are equipped with LED Cob Citizen CLU 038 of latest generation, they can be controlled from 16 Watt until 40 watt CRI >80 5550 lumen on the natural light version (cod. NW), average lifespan > 40.000 hours. Hextremely functional heat dissipation by convection. The model Sirius Spot has an innovative mechanical device, for the variation of the amplitude of the light beam, by rotating on its axis.Electronic drivers with interface Dali on request. The drivers installed with interface Dali, allow the parameterization of the electrical system and the consequent rationalization of the use of more lamps, with total control of dimming. Dimming system (cod. DM) with Push switch-dim. Dimming system (cod. DM) with Push switch-dim. The dimming with the system Push switch-dim, it allows to vary the light intensity in a precise way, lighting memory, without the use of expensive triac or rheostats. No need for costly changes to your current electrical system. These LED lamps use professional electrical components of high quality and are manufactured and assembled entirely in Italy by LAM (Made in Italy).

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