LED Wall Bracket


225 mm


360 mm


120 mm

Light source

0 Watt
( x Watt)


Serie LINEAR Full Collection

Collection of architectural lamps, for interior, public spaces, shops and offices .Structures in aluminum and steel with finish in anodized aluminum and satin chrome. The orientable structures with angles from 90┬░ at 340┬░allow the task lighting anywhere on the house or commercial spaces. Diffusers in satin polycarbonate, of high quality. LAM Pcb with LED Samsung 561B in high light efficiency, warm light (cod. WW) or natural light (cod. NW), average lifespan > 50,000 hours. These LED Pcb are interchangeable and the standard dimensions allow easy replacement also with other not LAM LED Pcb, present in the market. Dimming system (cod. DM) with Push switch-dim. The dimming with the system Push switch-dim, it allows to vary the light intensity in a precise way, lighting memory, without the use of expensive triac or rheostats. No need for costly changes to your current electrical system. These LED lamps use professional electrical components of high quality and are manufactured and assembled entirely in Italy by LAM (Made in Italy)

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